Charlotte Child Custody Lawyer

Dividing property during a divorce may not seem like an insurmountable challenge, but dividing your time with your children can prove to only be a suitable job for a Charlotte child custody lawyer.

You need a reliable, trustworthy Charlotte child custody attorney to help you seek a fair child custody agreement that allows you to spend time with your kids. Do not allow yourself to be steamrolled by a disgruntled ex; instead, trust our professional child custody lawyer in Charlotte NC to help you navigate this confusing process. Our professionals are standing by for a free consultation appointment.


What do I need to know about child custody?

The fundamental principle that guides child custody negotiations is simple: The court is looking out for the “best interests of the child.” Applying that principle can be a little tricky, however. A Charlotte child custody lawyer can contribute to your custody case by presenting important facts about your family lifestyle.

This is particularly salient for parents who have strong bonds with their children and believe they are more qualified to provide direct care. A child custody attorney in Charlotte NC can provide assistance to parents who are seeking equitable division of time with their kids. Modern courts are far more amenable to 50/50 child custody division, especially if the parents live close to each other.

A Charlotte child custody attorney can help both parties negotiate the terms of a joint custody agreement. Your child custody attorney in Charlotte NC can also protect your rights when it comes to custody agreements. For instance, many fathers feel shut out of the custody process because they assume that the court will favor the children’s mother.

The legal system is shifting away from this point of view, and fathers are playing increasingly important roles in their children’s lives. You do not have to be shut out from your family; seek the help of a skilled Charlotte child custody lawyer, and you are more likely to receive the equitable child custody judgment you deserve. Charlotte Family Law has the professionals you need.