Charlotte Child Support Attorney

When your financial situation is threatened by an ex who refuses to comply with child support rules, you may benefit from seeking the help of a Charlotte child support attorney. A Charlotte child support lawyer can provide valuable assistance, allowing you to get the money you need through a variety of courtroom options.

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Compelling your ex to pay

Many North Carolina residents may not realize that failure to pay child support can lead to serious consequences, up to and including jail time.

  • A Charlotte child support attorney can work together with local district attorneys, helping you track down your ex and serving them with legal papers requiring payment.
  • In some cases, your Charlotte child support lawyer may be able to set up a payment plan, allowing your child’s other parent to pay child support at a reasonable pace. This is a good option for parents who may be suffering from financial hardship that makes it difficult to support their kids.
  • A child support attorney in Charlotte NC can also help you take more drastic measures against non-compliant parents. Your child support lawyer in Charlotte NC may petition the court to seize wages, tax refunds and property in pursuit of child support. Those who refuse to pay may also have their business or professional licenses suspended, and their drivers’ licenses may also be revoked.


Charlotte Family Law brings hope to your case

Even if your situation seems hopeless, a Charlotte child support attorney may be able to help you get the money you need from your ex-spouse or partner. Raising a child without appropriate financial assistance can be a tiresome burden. Do not let your ex get away with financial delinquency; instead, rely on the court system to help you collect the money you need.