Charlotte Domestic Violence Attorney

Victims of domestic violence have the right to seek protection in North Carolina court using a Charlotte domestic violence attorney. No matter the nature of the crime, you deserve legal assistance to prevent a repeat offense against you and your family members. A Charlotte domestic violence lawyer can provide you with the information and legal counsel you need to protect yourself from future violent incidents.


What are my options in court?

A Charlotte domestic violence attorney can help you navigate both the criminal and civil processes associated with domestic assault. Your personal safety is of the utmost importance.

  • Your Charlotte domestic violence lawyer can help you pursue civil remedies designed to limit your contact with an abuser.
  • The most common type of remedy available for domestic violence victims is the restraining order. A domestic violence attorney in Charlotte NC can advise victims about their restraining order options.
  • These orders are designed to keep violent offenders away from those they have abused. The abuser may be required to move out of the family home, remain a certain distance from the victim, surrender firearms and even attend counseling.

No-contact orders can also be crafted to prevent any type of interaction between the alleged abuser and victim. Those restrictions include contact via text message, telephone and social media, and they can also include communications from third parties on behalf of the abuser. A domestic violence lawyer in Charlotte NC can also help victims obtain short-term emergency restraining orders or long-term orders, depending on the nature of the alleged crime.


Properly protect you and your family

These civil remedies may be pursued in addition to criminal charges against the alleged perpetrator. Victims of domestic abuse deserve to feel safe and protected. A Charlotte domestic violence attorney can help you decide upon the best course of action to promote the safety and welfare of you and your family members during this difficult time. Our firm can help.