Charlotte Family Law Attorneys

If you have never gone through a divorce or child custody dispute, you may not realize all that Charlotte family law attorneys can do for you. Whether you are struggling to pay court-ordered child support, negotiating an adoption, or dealing with some other domestic legal issue, our Charlotte family law lawyers can help.

You deserve to have the best family law attorneys in Charlotte NC on your side as you navigate the complicated legal system.


So much more than simple property division

Our Charlotte family law attorneys have the experience and skill needed to guide you through divorce-related disputes, including those involving property division. However, these Charlotte family law lawyers are so much more than simply divorce attorneys.

You may not know, for example, that family law lawyers in Charlotte NC can help you renegotiate your child support payments to accommodate recent life changes. Further, our skilled team of attorneys can help you collect overdue child support by petitioning the court. Parents who refuse to pay child support may have their tax refunds seized, wages garnished and drivers’ licenses suspended.


Looking to adopt?

In addition to divorce and support-related issues, our Charlotte family law attorneys can guide you through adoption proceedings. Whether you are adopting a relative such as a grandchild – or you are bringing a bundle of joy into your home from another source – you can count on your family law attorney to provide you with the support you need.

Adopting may seem straightforward, but it often involves legal complexities that new parents simply do not anticipate. Even if you do not think you need the help of a family attorney, you may benefit from consulting a legal professional. There is no substitute for thorough preparation before a family-related courtroom proceeding. Our Charlotte family law attorneys afford you that, and a lot more.