Charlotte Grandparent Visitation Attorney

Just a few decades ago, visitation rights for extended relatives were almost unheard of in North Carolina courts, however, now, Charlotte grandparent visitation attorneys are providing services to more families than ever before. This is allowing grandparents to exercise their legal right to interact with their young family members.

A Charlotte grandparent visitation lawyer may be able to help you rekindle the relationship you had with your grandchildren before a major life event limited your access to them.


Grandparents really have visitation rights?

Each state has a set of specific statutes designed to protect grandparents’ rights. However, many of these statutes still defer visitation decisions to the children’s parents, which can create barriers for grandparents. A Charlotte grandparent visitation attorney may be able to help you regain your relationship with your grandchildren in a variety of situations.

The Charlotte grandparent visitation lawyer can help if your adult child has passed away, for example, and his or her spouse is prohibiting you from visiting your grandchildren. These rights may also be exercised if your child has been incarcerated, or if your adult child has divorced his or her spouse.


Make your voice heard

Obtaining third-party custody rights can be particularly challenging because parents’ rights generally trump those of the grandparents. However, a grandparent visitation attorney in Charlotte NC may be able to prove that the children benefit significantly from interacting with their grandparents. In some cases, a grandparent visitation lawyer in Charlotte NC may even be able to obtain a visitation agreement if the young children’s parents are still married and have made moves to limit contact with their kids’ grandparents.

Although grandparents’ rights are a fairly new concept, a Charlotte grandparent visitation attorney may be able to help you recover the relationship you deserve with your extended relatives. Do not give up hope that visitation options exist to suit the needs of you and your family members. Speak with a member of our staff to ensure that your rights are met.