Charlotte Marital Asset Division Attorney

It is never too early to seek the counsel of a Charlotte marital asset division attorney. Divorce can be an emotionally traumatic event — but it can have an even more dire effect on your finances. Without the assistance of a Charlotte marital asset division lawyer, you could end up the recipient of an unfair divorce settlement.

As an experienced Charlotte asset division attorney, we know that not all assets are created equally — your retirement account might be a more desirable asset than certain stock holdings, for instance. Instead of relying on your intuition, consider discussing your financial plans with a marital asset division attorney in Charlotte NC from our staff. Your future just might depend on it.


Clarifying the property division process

North Carolina is an equitable distribution state, meaning that your marital assets must be divided in a fair way. In many cases, this means that a 50/50 split occurs. However, your Charlotte marital asset division attorney will know that this type of division is not always “fair.” Consider the following:

  • For select couples, the court will apply special formulas to promote equitable division, even if the split is not necessarily equal.
  • Your Charlotte marital asset division lawyer can promote your interests, helping you get the highest percentage of the marital assets that you deserve.
  • A marital asset division lawyer in Charlotte NC can prove particularly helpful when attempting to characterize your property. For example, an asset division attorney in Charlotte NC may be able to help you identify those assets that each party brought into the marriage — those are generally exempt from the division process.

Your Charlotte asset division attorney can help you identify your personal assets, separating them from the pool of resources that were obtained during the marriage.

With the help of your Charlotte marital asset division attorney, you can pursue the assets you need and deserve, which will set you up for financial success in the aftermath of your divorce. It all starts with a call to Charlotte Family Law.