Charlotte Prenuptial Agreements Attorney

A prenuptial agreements lawyer in Charlotte NC can show you how durable and useful these agreements are. While some might think of prenuptial agreements as setting up a relationship to fail — it is anything but.

Just because you plan for the event of a divorce does not mean that you will necessarily get a divorce. Think of it like buying auto insurance. You purchase the insurance just in case you get in an accident, but quite often, you don’t end up needing it at all.

Prenuptial agreements in Charlotte NC can be a proverbial lifesaver in the event of a divorce. There actually are a number of key functions of a prenup, and a Charlotte attorney from the staff here at Charlotte Family Law can tell you all about them.

  • Protecting property and assets: Prenuptial agreements in Charlotte NC, and anywhere else in the United States, will dictate how property is to be divided up in the event of a divorce. It’s not necessarily a straight 50/50 split. In fact, it almost never is.
  • Estate planning tool: Many men and women work with a prenuptial agreements lawyer in Charlotte NC to get one of these agreements so that they can specify who gets what in the event of their death. This is a helpful estate planning resource.
  • Protect you from great debt: When one spouse has significant wealth and the other is mired in debt, almost any lawyer in Charlotte NC would tell you to get a prenup. This will hedge the wealthy spouse from being on the hook for the debt in the event of a divorce.

As you can see, prenuptial agreements are incredibly useful and have come in handy for many men and women. Have foresight heading into your marriage by talking to a prenuptial agreements lawyer in Charlotte NC from our staff right now.