Monroe Adoption Attorney

Don’t be blindsided by the fact that the adoption process is one filled with seemingly endless paper work — be prepared by enlisting the services of an experienced adoption attorney in Monroe NC.

At Charlotte Family Law, our team of dedicated legal professionals will help you maneuver through this often-stressful, but very rewarding, experience. After all, the adoption process means that you are adding to your family — which should be a momentous occasion and our adoption lawyer in Monroe NC will make sure it is.


The key components to an adoption

While your Monroe adoption attorney can walk you through the process, it is still helpful to know what to expect. No one is going to instantly grant you parental rights until you fully display that you are capable of this immense obligation.

That’s why, along with your adoption attorney in Monroe NC, you can expect:

  • Home visits: A snapshot of home life can reveal valuable information on your ability to parent.
  • Criminal background checks: Family law officials are especially looking for instances of domestic violence in your past, among other crimes.
  • References and documentation: Your adoption lawyer in Monroe NC can help you get together all the paperwork you will need during this process — and it is a lot. Also, family law officials will speak to references to learn more about you.
  • Check of finances: Your financial health also plays a huge role in your ability to provide for a minor. That is why officials will ask you and your Monroe adoption lawyer to take a look and your current financial health.

While it might seem like a rigorous, near-impossible process, it is anything but when you have the right legal professionals in your corner. Let us take this journey with you. Work with our adoption attorney in Monroe NC for your case.