Monroe Alimony Attorneys

The alimony laws in North Carolina can be intricate, but at Charlotte Family Law, our alimony attorneys in Monroe NC are able to explain them to you and work to ensure that you receive fair treatment in your divorce.

We understand that it can be frustrating paying an ex-spouse when you aren’t sure why that money is even warranted. Likewise, we know that some spouses can feel like they are being mistreated if they don’t receive the funds they believe they are entitled to. Our Monroe alimony lawyers, not only fight for your cause, but also can explain to you the finer points of the alimony laws.


When is a spouse eligible for alimony?

This is a fairly broad question and our alimony lawyers in Monroe NC can explain it to you in great detail, but the following are some instances where alimony would be granted to a spouse.

  • When a marriage has survived for over 10 years and one spouse does not have the necessary funds or assets to maintain a reasonable standard of living after a divorce.
  • A spouse suffers from a physical or mental disability that limits them from generating an income.
  • A spouse lacks the potential to earn a sufficient income in general.
  • Domestic violence was committed against a spouse.

Of course, there is a lot more to this list, and our alimony attorneys in Monroe NC would be happy to discuss those details with you.


Trusted Monroe alimony lawyers

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