Monroe Family Law Attorneys

Work with some of the most dedicated and reputable family law attorneys in Monroe NC by putting your trust in Charlotte Family Law. For years, we have faithfully served the men and women of this community, helping them work through some of the most emotionally draining legal disputes of their lives.

It’s true what family lawyers in Monroe NC say — family law matters can be incredibly emotional. That’s because they generally involve people that you love and care about, and some of these disputes threaten to rip your family apart.

Our Monroe family law practice knows what is on the line, which is why we work tirelessly for our clients, maximizing their chances at a favorable outcome.


About our Monroe family law attorneys

Few things will build a reputation up more than positive referrals. This is one of the huge reasons that Charlotte Family Law has become the premier family law attorneys in Monroe NC. Our current and former clients have quickly found out that we are:

  • Hard working: Your case is a priority to us and we are just as invested in it as you are. We will fight for you.
  • Knowledgeable: There are so many different areas of family law — from divorce and child support to adoption and grandparents rights. We have family lawyers in Monroe NC that specialize in each area, so you have a savvy professional in your corner.
  • Accessible: Nothing is worse than hiring a lawyer and then finding out that they never have the time to address your questions and concerns. You should not be kept waiting in this emotionally trying time. We are always available to talk.

Put your worries on the backburner by entrusting your case to Charlotte Family Law. We will start by connecting you with competent family law attorneys in Monroe NC so we can learn more about your case. Contact us now.