Monroe Spousal Support Attorney

If you are facing divorce and confused about whether or not you will be responsible to pay your spouse money — or potentially receive money — then consult with a spousal support attorney in Monroe NC. At Charlotte Family Law, we can connect you with one.

Different states have different forms of spousal support. You may have heard the common phrase “alimony”. A Monroe spousal support lawyer can explain in greater detail the specific statewide laws that dictate how divorces are approached.

Spousal maintenance is designed to help spouses transition back into single life and obtain the knowledge and skills needed to generate an income that will sustain them. That is why there is a limit on the duration of it, which your spousal support lawyer in Monroe NC can also explain.


Better understanding spousal maintenance

As a little background information before you meet with a spousal support attorney in Monroe NC, here is some general information on the topic.

  • As almost any Monroe spousal support lawyer would explain to you, spousal maintenance is mainly geared toward stay-at-home parents that spent the marriage tending to their children.
  • These types of spouses can find it hard to immediately enter the workforce and make the money they need to sustain themselves. They often need additional education and skills training.
  • A quality Monroe spousal support attorney will always advise the recipient of such support to work hard to acquire this education. If the court deems that you are not making an effort and just trying to live off the alimony, they can forfeit your rights.

As you can see, there are many different nuances involved with spousal support, so it’s important to rely on resources that have knowledge and experience. Working with a spousal support attorney in Monroe NC ensures that you get both. Contact our office staff right now.